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Work in Progress

Just thinking of the words work in progress when I sat down and had some me time of my own today when my boys are out on a school field trip but are now on their way home. On my way home earlier, I was passing by a project in one of the streets here near our place which has a sign that says “Work in progress.” That made me remember that I was tasked by my uncle to help him look for a supplier of wrenches and I came upon this atl welding supply and other stuff online. It’s really easy to search for any stuff online rather than physically going to hardware stores.

Anyway, I have more work in progress going on today and I have to finish them before my boys get home and I won’t be able to finish them again.

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Second Hand

It’s that time of the year when it is about to end that some people in neighborhoods would hold their garage sale at their homes. I was looking for something… sort of a second hand item that will do while I am still saving up till next year for a brand new one. I also hope of finding second hand musical instruments that still works fine like those second hand violins at Musicians Friend which I browsed through a few days ago. Since we are still beginners after all, we just need a second hand unless we find a brand new one that is on sale with a really big discount.

Last month I found a second hand item that I have been looking for but I put it on hold since the seller is someone I know and promised me she will reserve the item until I have enough savings to buy that stuff. It’s good to know the seller of items you get as second hand that way you know the items are more guaranteed to still be in good condition. Right?

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