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I shouldn’t but should I be surprised when I got a message from one of our old friends telling me that an old friend of ours is finally tying the knot. Well we are past that age when we feel the pressure of having to get married because we are turning 30. She is a good old friend of ours and we know she would be laughing as well when we tell her we are surprised that she is finally going to settle down. She would probably be telling us that she did not expect it too. Well it is quite a long story to tell but for now what I know is that she is going to walk down the aisle as a bride in a few months from now.

In about two months time, she has to plan everything out. She was even asking me where she could find good quality tuxedo vests for her entourage. Well I will be able to help her out a little on that with a store that I found a few months ago.

Our other old friends still have not heard of the surprise but we’re pretty sure they would all be surprised and at the same time very happy to hear this news from her soon. One of our friends will be the matron of honor and will be flying home for the special occasion since she is now based abroad. It will be fun to see old friends reunited for this special occasion for an old friend.

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Being Healthy

Being healthy this 2014 is one of the things I as well as many people need to prioritize and work on.

As we check the news the past month one cannot ignore that there were at least two reports about drug overdose recently in the international showbiz news that caught the attention of many people. I did come to think about it as I once recently browsed through this drug addiction detox while I was really searching for things to learn about diet and a different kind of detox as a way of being healthy this year.

I have been reading and hearing about juicing also for a healthy one day or three day detox that one can do once a month. I have been following a few personalities who are into juicing and a few local sellers of detox juices. It can be quite expensive so many are also encouraging people to make their own juices. Being healthy does not have to be expensive. When I need a quick fix and too lazy to make my own juice, I head out to those juice stalls in the mall and buy an apple-carrot shake or juice. You just have to be careful with the fruits they use though because some use pre-sliced fruits that have been prepared hours before. We also have to make sure that they clean their equipments well before making the juices or shakes.

I am also making myself more physically active and even if I am not feeling that well, I still make sure I go out even if it is just like going to and from the little guy’s school every day. At home I do a few quick and short exercise. At my age, being healthy becomes a more serious concern because we know we are not that young as we used to be. Our kid is still young and he needs me. That is one thing that pushes me to being healthy now more than ever.

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