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Thankful for Today

Found this shared by a dear friend of mine in high school and I also just want to share this thought to my other friends and readers.


I am thankful for today as we are given another beautiful day to enjoy. There are many blessings to count and be grateful for each day. We try to greet each day with a smile no matter how it goes. Thinking of those fighting for their lives, we should be grateful we are still alive and healthy.

I am thankful for my boys and my R. family for the support and love they give us through and through. My boys and I are forever thankful to have you as family.

I am thankful for my friends – mommies, nannies and guardians at school for the time, shared laughter, support, help and new found friendship.

I am thankful today for a new friend I have in school who saved me yesterday. She was like a mommy to me yesterday. Thank you so much Ate Ellen!

I am thankful for my dear little boy who I love so dearly. You have been such a blessing to me. You are my sunshine and strength. You give me courage and hope aiming to live a life better than yesterday. You make me smile and feel so loved! Bringing you up may be a challenge but I never have it any other way. I, Mama will be always here for you.

I have so many things which I am thankful for. Thank you so much dear God for everything!

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First Sunset of 2014

Here’s a snapshot of the first sunset of 2014…

Missed my plan to capture the last sunset of the year 2013 since it rained in the afternoon then the boys slept and I didn’t want to go out without them so I decided to just let it go when I looked out and it was also cloudy near our place. It turned out that sunset was awesome to end the year. There will be more sunsets to shoot for sure. Read more… »

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