Different Types of Golf Equipment You Can Get from Callaway Golf

Different Types of Golf Equipment You Can Get from Callaway Golf

You can truly enjoy playing golf if you are familiar with and own the right equipment. There are three basic pieces of golf equipment that you can all get from Callaway golf, namely golf attire, club, and ball. This article features the breakdown of some of the most important golf equipment.

Golf Attire

golf-ballEvery golf range has their own standards when it comes to golf dress codes. You cannot just go into a golf range with any outfit and expect that you will be allowed to play the game. While the golf range determines the dress code, the general set of attire in golf includes golf pants and a collared polo shirt. You must avoid wearing cargo pants and jeans into the field. Moreover, you cannot wear rubber shoes because they may damage the grass. You can get the right pair of golf shoes from Callaway golf.

Golf Ball

This is another basic piece of golf equipment that a player must be familiar with. The ball used in golf is small and covered in dimples. It is normally white, but there are golf balls in bright neon colors so that golfers can easily find them. The golf ball is one of the things that have to meet strict standards. Before they are allowed to be used, they need to pass the approval test by the US Golf Association and the R&A.

Commonly, there are two kinds of golf balls:

Recreational best for beginner golfers and those who often lose their golf balls. This golf ball is normally used for casual and leisure games.

Advanced catered for professional golfers. This is much more expensive than the recreational golf ball, multi-layered, and demands ore strength and faster swing speed from the golfer.

Golf Club

Callaway golfCallaway golf also offers golf club, which is the equipment you use to hit the ball. Golf clubs are numbered based on how high and far they can make the golf ball fly. In a typical game, a golfer is allowed to carry a maximum of 14 golf clubs. It is crucial to identify the kinds of clubs because every kind leads to different degree of loft and flight distance.

There are typically four kinds, which are:

Putter used when the golfer is in the green and has to hit the golf ball at a short distance.
Irons used when the player needs to deliver controlled drives.
Woods used when the golfer has to hit the ball with all their strength for it to go the farthest distance.
Hybrids – combine the high launch of the irons and the strength of the woods.

There are also optional things that a golfer can have when playing the game. Nevertheless, these are also important pieces of equipment that a golfer usually carries.

Golf Bag

This unique item is an elongated bag primarily used to store golf clubs. It also has some pockets on its sides to keep other golf equipment. Depending on how it will be carried, golf bags may be different. There are two-wheeled cart bags, bags for golf carts, and also shoulder bags.


Golf Tee

This is used to raise the golf ball from the ground, so the golfer would have an easier shot. The tee is usually a tiny spike; its top has a cup where the golfer places the ball. The golfer pushes it into the ground and they can only use it at the beginning of the round.

Ball Marker

In case the golfer needs to temporarily remove the ball, they can use a ball marker to mark the specific spot where the ball has landed.

There are other pieces of equipment from Callaway golf. It is up to you which ones you need to help you improve your game.

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