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Two Hour Screen Time for Kids

The pedia doctor has once again reminded us of the two hour screen time for the little boy when he saw the iPod Touch with the little boy. It affects the attention span of kids these days often making them easily distracted. I understand the pedia’s position and it should be something not only for hubby and me but for parents out there who may get to read this post if ever.

When you say screen time, it includes TV time, laptop, computer, PSP, iPad, iPods, iPhones, cellphones or smartphones, tablets and other gadgets that basically can also stress their eyes for one.

With kids’ exposure and greater accessibility these days to gadgets and computer, it can be hard to keep this two hours only rule each day. Or maybe not. Yes more and more parents have been able to keep these gadgets away from their kids. Some kids even grow up not having watched TV.

We try as much to screen what the little kid sees on TV if he gets to watch it for the past two years that he was in a Montessori school that truly discourages TV, computers and gadgets especially for the Casa level. We will try to keep that even if the little boy moves to a big school for his last year in prep before he goes to grade school.

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