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A Few Important Things

I got a few important things lined up to do tonight before finally calling it a night. I need to do some reading on the electronic payments information and the FFIEC Guidance. I am reminded as well that I have to ask hubby to check on our credit card payment and outstanding balance which I want to settle before this month ends though we have already paid in advance what is due and payable for the coming due date in a few days.

I also need to check on the market, see how it was today and see what is up for the following days. I keep on praying for a better outcome when it comes to this one. I do remember I also need to look for an important receipt and organize important receipts that I need to keep as well and throw those that I do not need anymore.

I also need to upload photos, organize them and clean up the SD card memory in preparation for an event tomorrow which makes me ask if I still need a confirmation for that. I will have to check for an update tomorrow morning. I hope they will send a confirmation through text message.

Now I have to clean up the mess in my working table. Done a little bit of that earlier and more organizing to do in the following days. Okay I have to rush things for now. Hope I can accomplish those few important things in an hour so I can finally call it a night.

It has been a wonderful day. Thank you LORD!

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