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Enjoy Life

Life is beautiful no matter what things may bring us down every now and then. Though when bad things happening around you shatter your rather generally peaceful and secure life, it makes you think… hey enjoy life!

But as this saying goes… “Sometimes when you are enjoying life, it is easy to become complacent.” – Joel Osteen

It does give you a reality check that we need to be vigilant and think of our safety too. There are elements out there that could shatter the peace and security that you have in your life. A few days ago, I think it was Tuesday late afternoon while the boys and I were enjoying our heavy snacks or very early dinner inside the house, we did not realize that the next door was being robbed already. The other neighbors upstairs were also unaware until the neighbor came home in more or less an hour when hubby went out just earlier to throw the garbage. Who knows the robbers were inside watching as he passed by when he went out and went back inside the house. Good thing the Lord protected us and spared us. We have to be on alert once again. These elements are now being sought and justice being given to their victims. We could only pray our families will be protected from such elements.

This does not stop us from enjoying life. Pray, be vigilant, keep safe and enjoy life!


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