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Weigh Things

I have been encouraging hubby to weigh things when it comes to the little boy’s education. It is not just about saving from the cost of tuition. While we may be able to save by transferring him to school S, the work load is said to be more than double according to common feedback that I have heard from other people especially parents who know that school. Pressure will be upon us too because we have to focus more time and effort especially in doing assignments or so I heard from common comments as well from other people. Then there is school C, which is said to be quite like the old school of the little boy in terms of approach and assignments et al. However, transpo cost will be heavy plus if ever a tutor may be required (I hope not) it will cost us as much as the old school.

Sometimes it is not just about kung unsay kaya. Because what matters more is kayanon whatever is best. I hope he weighs things and avoid regretting his decision (which I supported though I would have had chosen otherwise if given my choice) again later on. I can only pray we will be able to make the better if not the best decision in choosing the little boy’s school next year.

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