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What a Day

What a day!

Losing a brave mommy friend and former high school classmate  and class president who passed away this morning after a long battle with an illness. I cannot stop the tears as we were having brunch with my boys and I read my classmates message on Facebook to all our other classmates. I had to go quickly to the kitchen unnoticed by my boys and cried it out. We have long known of her illness. She is no longer in pain. I admired her for her courage and strength as a mommy who had to stay strong for her very beautiful daughter. May you rest in peace Mommy Joan and we pray for your soul that you are in a place now away from all the pain. My prayers also go to your daughter, hubby and the family you left behind.

Then I had to bounce back to life to look on more positive things today. Life has to go on as it always should be. I gather my strength and look forward to our life. We had a fun playtime with my boys as we played badminton together for the first time where I saw my son so excited and persevered on trying to learn to hit the shuttlecock and improved as the hour progressed at the badminton court. The husband almost let the very little drizzle ruin our plan and excitement. Good thing the little boy and I persevered. We did not give up and waited until a few minutes later the drizzle stopped.We met strangers at the court who encouraged us more to enjoy the sport. We will this summer as long as the summer class schedule of the little guy will allow him to.

Then there is someone here who can really learn to make things possible and not impossible all the time. And then there is his hopeless stubbornness, pride and that I-cannot-understand kind of thinking (who did you live and grew up with again if I may simply ask?). I had to rein in my emotions because this someone often don’t get it. It all goes back to what values and thought for survival parents ever taught if any.

What a day it is. I look forward to tomorrow. It is our little boy’s graduation from preschool! I am a proud mother with or without any award, I am proud of my dear son who is not that little anymore. I love you so much my dear son! You are such a blessing to me from God! :)


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