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Dreams Do Come True

As a known and popular preacher would often say in his emails to his followers, “May your dreams come true!” If I may reply, “Dreams do come true!”

Indeed dreams do come true, may it be small or big dreams in life. Prayers, our acts and the universe conspire to make them come true. Maybe not all of us will be bale to realize that our dreams do come true. There are also reasons we cannot understand behind that we may not be able to comprehend why do not seem to come true but maybe if we step back and look at the whole picture, we may understand why they cannot come true because there is a better plan for us by God or what we wish and dream for in life may not be good for us. There is a reason for it.

Sometimes we just do not realize that what we have been dreaming for is actually already happening in our life. We just fail to appreciate the blessings in life as it comes and as it happens when our dreams do come true.

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