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Save mode for this mom this summer as we are already saving up for the enrollment for next school year by the end of next month. We just finished paying for the tuition last month and here we are saving up for next month’s enrollment. It is a cycle that parents like us at school are getting used to by now.

Speaking of save, my uncle had asked a favor for my dear cousin and I was asked to help look for bass guitars that are on sale so they can save it for another project that they have in mind. I do remember about the save on godin bass guitars from guitar center that at the same time I noticed those deals of at least 50% off the list as shown online.

There is also a big fun sale going on in the city for tourists and locals alike. For those who have plans to go shopping this summer, this great sale in major participating malls and participating restaurants in the city are giving away discounts and treats to shoppers who will be able to save and get great discounts on selected items. There are even raffle prizes given off to lucky shoppers especially during the holiday last weekend. If you want to shop and save, then this it the time to do it.

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Thoughts to Ponder Today

One thing I read recently that I want my dear hubby to keep in mind as well. This is something that I have to keep reminding him of sometimes when he does things for our dear little guy. Instead of doing it for him, he has to teach our little guy to do it by himself so he will learn to become more responsible of himself even at his young age.


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