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Her Bestfriend

Last week I became curious about an old friend’s post on a social network regarding her ailing best friend. It initially made me concerned and curious as to the friend she was referring to. Out of curiosity, I asked her by sending her a private message and soon she shared to me that it was not a person but a dog, her old dog which she had as a pet for more than five years now. It was actually her aunt’s dog but when she left for Australia, she left the dog to my friend’s care.

My friend was looking for a certain medicine for dogs particularly a pet med with anti-inflammatory properties. I just remembered coming across those kind of meds to manage disorders in aging pets from this site a couple of days ago. She had grown to love this dog more than any other friend it seems. The dog, her bestfriend has been her constant companion at home and tags along when she travels around town and nearby provinces. I know that my friend is becoming concerned about the state of health of her dog, her bestfriend.


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Back To School

Just a few days more left of our summer vacation and it is back to school already next week. In as much as I want to have a longer summer vacation which means more relaxed days still to enjoy with my boys, summer school break will be officially over in a few days.

I have been seeing moms from school at the malls lately with their kids doing school shopping for supplies and other school related stuff. We would be back to our daily school routine once again for the next ten months. I am looking forward to seeing mommies and guardians who have become friends at school for the past two years. We are cherishing the last few remaining days of summer and it’s finally back to school next week.

God bless us in this new school year we will welcome in a few days!

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